Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to Strengthen Your Personal Skills and Get Things Done - Alicia Procello Maddox California

Having worked as a corporate executive for many years, Alicia Procello Maddox is an expert at “getting things done”. For many years, she has been able to create an unwavering focus in herself, realizing her strengths and faults to be the best employee she could be. It’s no surprise that after all that work, Alicia Procello Maddox has risen so far at the Avery Dennison Foundation. Some strategies Alicia Procello Maddox employs to be the best version of herself are:
  • Clarifying Values: Being clear and taking stock of what exactly you hold near and dear has become Alicia Maddox California’ greatest strength. She knows what she wants and knows where she isn’t willing to waver, this is a great quality for any leader to have.
  • Personal Mission Statement: By creating a clear-cut personal mission statement for yourself allows you to outline exactly the person you intend to be in your work life. Rather than faltering, from job to job, unsure of what you are to do next. Alicia Procello believes you must write out a concise objective for your career and take all the steps and opportunities that will make that happen and pass on what won’t.
  • Reflection and Self Audit: As your career goes on, it can be very beneficial to take a step back and make sure you are truly on the right path for you. Doing the things necessary to make what you want happen and avoiding what will only set you back and have you straying from your goals.
  • Where do you excel? By seeing what your major strengths and weaknesses are, you are able to know precisely what it is you need to work on and what areas you are comfortable in. This will allow you to lean on your strengths in times of need, while you wait for your weaknesses to be remedied.
  • Following these steps has allowed Alicia Procello Maddox California to have the corporate career she has wanted, if you create a plan for yourself in a similar vein you can clearly and concisely plan out the next few decades of your career, working hard to make sure nothing will stop you!